Friday, August 1, 2008

1369. According to the owner, it's a shock absorber, used in the bottom of boxes that were air dropped by the military, they would cushion the equipment when it hit the ground. These were also used as vibration isolating mounts for large machinery.

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1370. When cutting metal on a band saw, this tool was used to push the work piece into the blade.

1371. This is probably a pressure transmitter:

The next two are both from the North American Trap Collectors Association Museum

1372. A lark mirror, the pointed end was stuck in the ground and the cord was pulled to spin the top part; the small mirrors lure the larks down for a closer look to find out what it is, and the birds are then taken with either a net or a gun. These were used mostly in Europe.

1373. A muskrat den spear, or muskrat tamer:

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1374. A Robinson Steerer, the steering gear from a wooden sailing ship, shot at the Maritime Museum in Bath, Maine:

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